French Bulldog Accessories for Your New Frenchie

The best French Bulldog essentials to shop for in 2022

As many of our customers know, Barc London's founding dog and inspiration behind the brand is Archie, a French Bulldog who was with our founder Alex Fell for ten years. 

This breed of dog holds a special place in our hearts, as the vision behind many of the products we offer were designed with Archie in mind. 

To help you keep your Frenchie happy, healthy and living their best life, we've compiled together a complete list of accessories for French Bulldogs.

French Bulldog Accessories:

  1. Puppies
  2. Food & Water Bowls
  3. Collars
  4. Harnesses & Leads
  5. Beds
  6. Cushions & Blankets
  7. Toys
  8. Clothes
  9. Gifts
  10. Chews
French Bulldog Accessories UK Guide by Barc London

1. French Bulldog Puppies

Your French Bulldog puppy will make the perfect addition to your home. Sweet-natured and big fans of human affection, these puppies can suffer from separation anxiety if left on their own for too long.

Before your Frenchie arrives home, it's a good idea to puppy proof your house to make sure your furry friend stays safe and comfortable. From puppy gates to preparing for toilet training, our downloadable guide tells you everything you need to know about bringing a puppy home.

French Bulldog Puppy

Find out more about Frenchie puppy accessories.

2. Food & Water Bowls 

Choosing the right feed bowls for your Frenchie is important because these dogs have short necks, small snouts and flatter faces, which can cause them to inhale large amounts of air while eating and drinking. 

As many French Bulldog owners will also tell you, Frenchies are some of the quickest eaters out there - which can result in issues like bloating, painful stomach cramps, burping and gas. 

With all of this in mind, purchasing the correct type of dog bowl is essential! As you research the best feeding bowls for Frenchies, consider shopping around for: 

  • Slanted dog bowls: As mentioned, these dogs have a flattened face and short neck structure, which can make it difficult for them to reach their food (particularly as they get older). Slanted bowls are designed to help dogs access their food with ease.
  • Slow feeding bowls: These bowls feature a raised obstruction in the middle of the bowl, preventing fast eaters from wolfing down their dinner too quickly.
  • Elevated dog bowls: Providing your Frenchie with a raised bowl can benefit their digestion and prevent regurgitation and vomiting. There are lots of elevated dog bowls on the market, and a popular choice are bowls that get elevated when positioned on a four-legged wooden stand.

3. Dog Collars for Frenchies 

French Bulldogs are a type of brachycephalic dog breed, which means that they are more prone to trachea damage and suffocation. Because of this, you should ensure that the dog collar you choose is suitable for their neck shape, and correctly fitted to prevent breathing problems from occurring. 

Flat buckle dog collars tend to be the most popular option for Frenchies. These dog collars feature a simple, comfortable design, with D Rings that allow for identification tags and lead attachments. 

Grey French Bulldog Collar

Photo: Archie wears Barc London's Ash Grey Dog Collar.

4. French Bulldog Harness & Lead

Given the breathing problems associated with the French Bulldog breed, it’s extremely important to walk your dog with a harness and lead until they have been trained to stop pulling on the lead while walking. 

A quality harness will help to reduce any stress or pressure on your Frenchie’s neck and joints, distributing weight to prevent choking around the neck area.

French Bulldog Harness with D Rings

French Bulldog harnesses are the safest way to ensure control on dog walks, while decreasing the risk of neck injuries from occurring. 

When it comes to choosing French Bulldog leads, remember that these dogs are smaller in build and closer to the ground, which means that short dog leads tend to be the best product for walkies. 

Always make sure that the lead you buy can be attached to the harness you use for walks. At Barc London, we offer harnesses for French Bulldogs with matching leads that are 1 - 1.5 metres in length. 

French Bulldog Harness & Lead

5. Dog Beds for French Bulldogs 

Just under ½ of UK dog owners sleep with their dogs, but this figure is even higher at 65% when it comes to Frenchies! 

Just like us humans, these dogs are affectionate creatures which enjoy cuddling in cosy spaces.

The ideal shape of dog bed for French Bulldogs tends to be an enclosed style with higher walls. These beds provide an area for dogs to retreat and curl up in to get a good night's sleep. 

When shopping for your French Bulldog’s bed, it’s important to consider: 

  1. The size of your dog in relation to the bed size and suitability 
  2. How easy the bed is to wash regularly (removable covers keep cleaning simple)
  3. Whether or not the material of the dog bed is durable enough for dogs that love to chew 
  4. If the bed provides a covered or enclosed space for your dog to feel at home 

6. French Bulldog Cushions & Blankets

In addition to choosing the right bed, investing in cushions can help to ensure even more comfort when resting.

Older French Bulldogs in particular can suffer from problems with their joints and conditions like arthritis. Memory foam cushions can help to provide relief at night and promote healthy joints for better mobility.

If you've ever shared a bed with your Frenchie before, you’ll notice they have no problems with sleeping under the covers! 

French Bulldogs enjoy the warmth and comfort blankets can provide. For these dogs, burrowing is a natural instinct, so a warm blanket is a French Bulldog accessory that will help them feel protected and comfortable in their nested environment. 

French Bulldog Cushion

7. The Best French Bulldog Toys

During the creation and design phase of Barc London's initial Play range, French Bulldog Archie was able to test many of the products we sell today.

For the team at Barc, this was by far one of the most enjoyable aspects of crafting the Play collection, and it was important that each toy we created communicated the importance of playtime for dogs and their human owners. 

Remember that this breed of dog thrives on companionship. Playing with your French Bulldog is a great way to build a bond, and you can do so with games of fetch and rope toys for tug of war!

French Bulldog Exploring Toys

Tried and tested by our founding Frenchie, our collection of designer dog toys offer the best products to enhance play. 

8. French Bulldog Clothes

French Bulldogs have a unique body structure, with a small and compact build. Their muscular bodies and shorter legs can make it difficult to find suitable apparel - which is why you should always focus on comfort and fit when shopping for French Bulldog clothes. 

Dog coats:

Frenchies are short-haired and more prone to feeling the cold compared to other breeds. This is true for most brachycephalic dogs, as their bodies tend to lose heat faster than able to be replaced. 

Because of this, high quality coats are essential French Bulldog accessories for the UK’s autumn and winter days. 

Knowing that these dogs struggle to regulate their body temperature, our Wear range offers dog coats that come in a padded gilet style.

The lightweight material is breathable enough for these dogs to exercise comfortably, and warm enough to provide protection from the cold.

 French Bulldog Wearing Coat

Photo: Mimi the Frenchie wearing Barc London's Cream Puffer Jacket.

9. French Bulldog Gifts 

Frenchies enjoy feeling the love, and showering them with dog gifts is a great way to display care and attention!

Whether it’s your French Bulldog’s birthday, or you’re celebrating family-centred holidays like Easter or Christmas, be sure to include your pup in the fun with treats and presents galore.

10. Gifts for French Bulldog Lovers

Anyone who has owned a French Bulldog before will be able to relate to the special bond these dogs form with their human partners.

These affectionate pups were in fact bred to be companion dogs, and their friendly and good-natured disposition is unparalleled.

When shopping for friends or family members who love Frenchies, An Unbreakable Bond & One Brand Later makes for the perfect gift.

Described as a 'must read for any dog parent', this book shares Archie's life, and gives deeper insights into the heart behind the Barc London brand.

A Truly Beautiful Read What a beautiful and heartfelt story of a man
and his dog, which in turn was also the inspiration to create Barc London. Wonderfully presented on a smooth papered book with stunning photos to accompany the story. These beautiful products are no longer just images on the website, but now part of a story with so much more meaning.  - Claire, United Kingdom 

Book About a French Bulldog


Best chew toys for French Bulldogs:

Always up for a good chew, Frenchies are more prone to gum disease and teething problems, so it's important to provide them with squeaky toys that help to encourage gentle chewing.

  • Balloon Squeaker

    Balloon Squeaker


    "It's got a really loud squeak which is still going strong despite his chewing. The squeakers in many of his cheaper toys haven’t lasted as well. The shape gives it a good irregular bounce too so he loves to chase it."

  • Pineapple Squeaker

    Pineapple Squeaker


    "It has a random bounce due to being sort of rugby ball shaped which fascinates him. He holds it in his paws and chews and chews the top which still shows no sign of teeth marks."

  • Skully Squeaker

    Skully Squeaker


    "My pup loves it!

    Super stylish toy looks great and is fantastic quality. Only problem is my pup loves it too much and I'm almost deaf from the squeaking!"