Dachshund Accessories for Sausage Dogs

A Round-up of the Best Products for Dachshunds

Our small Dachshund friends are extremely popular in the UK, making just about every top ten dog breed lists out there. 

And really, we can see why! Despite their miniature size, Dachshunds are full of energy and love - the perfect pet for energetic owners in search of faithful companions. 

Also referred to as sausage dogs and wieners as a result of their short legs and long, slim bodies, Dachshunds have the ability to fit into new households with ease. 

If you own one of these dogs or are waiting in anticipation for your Dachshund puppy to get home, it’s likely you’ll be excitedly trying to prepare your home for everything it needs. 

Making sure you have the right accessories for Dachshunds is important for a successful transition to their new home.

So to get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the best Dachshund Accessories available in the UK:

Dachshund Accessories UK Guide by Barc London

1. Dachshund Puppies

When your Dachshund puppy arrives home at the eight-week mark, your tiny pup is likely to weigh between just: 

Breed Weight
Standard Dachshund 2 - 2.2kg
Miniature Dachshund 0.8 - 1kg

At this young age, your puppy may experience slight anxiety from leaving his / her mum and littermates at the same time as moving to unfamiliar surroundings with new people. 

For this reason, you should prepare for their arrival with plenty of home comforts!

Items like soft blankets, calming chew toys and a cosy crate area will help your Dachshund puppy quickly adjust to their new environment with ease. 

Wilma the Small Dachshund Resting on Sofa (via Instagram)
📷 Photo Credit: Wilma the Miniature Dachshund, via Instagram
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What does my new Dachshund puppy need?

Nutrition & Feeding

It’s important to note that Dachshunds are a breed of dogs that are prone to obesity and blood sugar problems.

Because of this, you must take time to choose the right type of food for your sausage dog. 

Before bringing your puppy home, it’s a good idea to speak with your breeder and get more information about their feeding routine.

This can help to prevent or better manage potential issues that can follow changes in diet.

Your vet will also be able to guide you on the best Dachshund food suitable for the puppy months, so be sure to book in for a checkup shortly after their arrival.

💡 Top Tip: When browsing for Dachshund puppy food online, we recommend referring to All About Dog Food’s Directory.

  • Their platform lets you input your feeding budget along with your dog’s breed, age and weight to find suitable brands. 
  • Included in the directory list are health ratings and dog diet nutrition chart ratings to ensure your sausage dog’s food is a healthy choice.

Bedding & Crates for Dachshund Puppies

If you choose to crate train your Dachshund puppy, it’s important to purchase the correct crate size.

While you don’t want the crate to be too big, your sausage dog puppy should have enough space to stand up and turn around in their crate comfortably. 

While many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of crate training, puppy crates can provide a safe space for young dogs to retreat in when they need some alone time or an afternoon rest. 

Crates are also a Dachshund accessory that can be utilised to help train your puppy to become comfortable with being left on their own, reducing separation anxiety issues further down the line.

According to Dachshund Health UK, suitable crate sizes for sausage dogs tend to measure around: 

Breed Crate Size
Standard Dachshund 64 x 45 x 53cm
Miniature Dachshund 76 x 48 x 53cm

Placing suitable bedding within the crate will ensure your Dachshund pup’s comfort and safety through the night.

Particularly in the colder months, Dachshunds can quickly feel the cold as a result of their short hair. A crate cover can help to keep them warm while providing the additional comfort of an enclosed space.

💡 Top Tip: When placing a blanket over the crate, choose a fabric that is breathable and avoid completely covering the crate to avoid blocking their airflow.

Dachshund Bedding with Oakley the Miniature Dachshund (via Instagram)

📷 Photo Credit: Oakley the Miniature Dachshund, via Instagram

Playpen & Puppy Chews

There are so many benefits of playtime for young puppies -  helping to stimulate their brains while providing important bonding time with their new family.

Dachshunds are dogs that have a playful nature, but they also require plenty of attention and interaction from owners. 

In addition to making time for daily play, it’s a good idea to invest in a playpen for your Dachshund puppy to give them an area to explore and play safely during times you’re busy. 

Take time to research the best toys for miniature dachshund puppy in the UK.

Lots of toys come with size warnings that make them unsuitable for smaller Dachshund breeds.

Chew toys are great for teething puppies, helping to encourage appropriate chewing behaviour while teaching your Dachshund puppy not to nip at things it shouldn't. 

Recommended Dachshund puppy toys include: 

  • Kong Puppy Binkie Toy 
  • Puppy Kong Flyer 
  • Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit
Dachshund Puppy Toys with Millie Moo the Miniature Dachshund (via Instagram)
📷 Photo Credit: Millie Moo the Miniature Dachshund, via Instagram
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    2. Walking Accessories

    Dachshund Harness

    Given that this breed of dogs is more prone to back trauma, purchasing a harness for your Dachshund can be hugely beneficial for dog walks. 

    If your sausage dog hasn’t yet learnt how to walk on the lead without pulling, a Dachshund harness is a comfortable walking accessory that can help to prevent problems developing around their neck and spine area. 

    As with all Dachshund accessories, any harness purchase you make should be correctly fitted to suit their long, slender waists. 

    We recommend researching different types of dog harnesses and choosing an adjustable harness that utilises sliders or similar to prevent chafing under their elbows. 

    Opting for a Dachshund harness that features a back-clip lead attachment can also work to keep pressure away from the neck area, protecting pressure points for a comfy fit.

    Dachshund Harness in Pink Colourway. Photo Credit: Instagram

    📷 Photo Credit: Coco the Miniature Dachshund, via Instagram
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    Dachshund Harness worn by Melo the Miniature Dachshund (via Instagram)
    📷 Photo Credit: Melo the Miniature Dachshund, via Instagram
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    Dachshund Lead

    Despite their short legs, Dachshunds are deceptively fast and can run between 15 - 20 MPH. 

    With the correct type of dog lead, you will be able to better manage instances where your dog gets distracted and attempts to dart off into the distance. 

    During daily walks, lead training your sausage dog is vital to ensuring they don't suffer any damage to their fragile back area at a young age. 

    For Dachshunds, we recommend short dog leads, which help to keep close control when training pups not to pull. 

    Our range of City Leads have been designed to keep dogs close by their owner's side when walking in busy urban areas. 

    These leads also feature a D-Ring under the handle, which functions as a helpful pick-up bag and treat holder. 

    Matching Dachshund Lead and Collar worn by Lily the Dachshund (via Instagram)
    📷 Photo Credit: Lily the Dachshund, via Instagram
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    3. Collars for Dachshunds 

    Even if you choose to walk your Dachshund puppy or adult dog with a harness, a collar is still a necessary Dachshund accessory to purchase for identification purposes. 

    A collar is a great item to get your dog used to wearing from a young age.

    However, it's worth bearing in mind that along with a sausage dog's small body comes a small neck!

    Dachshund's neck sizes tend to range between:

    Breed Neck Size
    Standard Dachshund 40 - 50 cm
    Miniature Dachshund 20 - 30cm

    As a result of their small necks, any Dachshund collar you purchase should be suitable for small breeds and made from a lightweight material that won't put heavy weight or pressure on their necks. 

    Our range of vegan leather dog collars are extremely popular among sausage dog owners!

    Crafted for comfort, the materials used are soft on a dog's fur and skin with a flat buckle design that can be easily adjusted to support a comfortable fit. 

    Dachshund Collar worn by Granola the Miniature Dachshund (via Instagram)
    📷 Photo Credit: Granola the Miniature Dachshund x Schnauzer, via Instagram
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    4. Dachshund Toys & Supplies 

    Dachshunds are scent hounds, originally bred to scent and hunt burrow-dwelling animals like badgers, foxes and rabbits. 

    Their sense of smell is so strong that they are able to track scents that are more than a week old! 

    With this in mind, choosing toys that appeal to their sense of smell and instinctual prey-drive is a great way to keep your sausage dog mentally and physically stimulated as they grow up.

    A Dachshund accessory must is a snuffle mat enrichment toy, which you can use to hide treats and keep your dog occupied as they take time searching for the food that lies beneath each pocket or flap of the mat.

    As well as enrichment games, toys with squeakers are a great outlet for Dachshunds - helping to satisfy a teething Dachshund puppy's urge to chew, with sounds that cater to their predatory instincts. 

    Our range of squeaky dog toys have been described by customers as some of the best dog toys for Dachshunds in the UK.

    Designed by our team of passionate dog lovers, each squeaker has been crafted using durable TPR (non-toxic rubber), available in a selection of shapes and colours to keep playtime interesting!

    Dachshund Toys with Miniature Dachshund Martha (via Instagram)
    📷 Photo Credit: Martha the Dachshund, via Instagram 
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    5. Dachshund Grooming Supplies

    As with all breeds, grooming a Dachshund is an important part of pet ownership that shouldn't be neglected. 

    Sausage dogs tend to have three different varieties of coat: 

    • Smooth
    • Long
    • Wire-haired 

    The amount of grooming and bathing required will depend on your Dachshund's coat type. If you're a new dog owner, our free guide to dog grooming for beginners shares everything you need to know. 

    Dachshund Grooming Supplies with Miniature Dachshund Millie Moo (via Instagram)
    📷 Photo Credit: Millie Moo the Miniature Dachshund, via Instagram
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    6. Dachshund Ramps

    According to veterinary experts, a common health problem associated with this breed of dogs is hip dysplasia, which can get progressively  worse as time goes on.

    As a result of their short legs, sausage dogs also run the risk of developing health issues like arthritis, elbow and shoulder dysplasia too. 

    While there aren’t many proven ways of preventing genetic predisposed issues like these from developing, some people believe that injury risks can be lowered by limiting the amount Dachshunds jump up and down on furniture like beds or couches. 

    To help reduce jumping, ramps and stairs are a good Dachshund accessory to consider to enable your dog to get to comfort without risk. 

    When it comes to choosing Dachshund stairs, or a ramp to use in place of stairs, consider opting for a ramp that offers features like: 

    • Adjustable height 
    • Non-slip grip 
    • Made from non-toxic materials 

      Dog Ramps is a company that offers various sausage dog ramp options available for UK purchase. 

      6. Dachshund Jackets & Coats

      As previously mentioned, due to their slight stature and thin coat, sausage dogs are more prone to feeling the cold than other breeds. 

      A Dachshund jacket can help to provide an extra layer of insulation during winter months, giving pups extra encouragement to enjoy exercising.

      Whether you opt for a Dachshund puffer jacket or a raincoat, your dog will appreciate the added warmth and protection from rain during those all important walks and toilet trips outdoors. 

      Dachshund Raincoat worn by Pepe The Miniature Dachshund (via Instagram)
      📷 Photo credit: Pepe the Miniature Dachshund, via Instagram
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      Dachshund Jacket worn by Otis the Miniature Dachshund (via Instagram)
      📷 Photo Credit: Otis the Miniature Dachshund, via Instagram
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      7. Dachshund Gifts

      With Christmas fast approaching, now is the perfect time to make sure you have your sausage dog's gifts ready to be wrapped and popped under the tree!

      Our collection of designer dog gifts include squeaky toy box sets and bone trios - a great option for kitting out your pup with a range of playtime activities for the new year.

      Alternatively, if you're shopping for gifts for Dachshund lovers - why not consider treating your friend or family member to a portrait of their pet?

      Dachshund Gifts - Pet Portrait Art by Charlotte with Miniature Dachshunds Nelly & Bonnie (via Instagram)
      📷 Photo Credit: Nelly & Bonnie the Miniature Dachshunds, via Instagram
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