About Barc London

About barc london

Who are we?

We are Barc London.

Did you know, as humans we are biologically hardwired for love and connection? In a 2019 survey asking dog owners to state their reasons for having a dog, every single answer linked their ownership to either improving their happiness and/or providing companionship.

Better still, in recent years as science moves on, it's been shown that what makes dogs truly remarkable is not their intelligence but their ability to build devoted and affectionate relationships with other species — in short, to love.

So it's officially a love story, and one we are committed to enhance and celebrate.

We are the result from taking a love story (spanning 15,000 years) and fusing it with today's culture.

We are The Brand For Dogs.

How We Started:

Barc London was born from one man's love for branding and the love for his dog, with a desire to merge the two together. An idea that came to life in 2017, it had a less than perfect start and nearly came to a halt.

But the idea of a brand that celebrates the essential need for dogs in our lives has kept everything going, with the knowledge that nothing worth doing is ever easy, and the vision is bigger than any of the set backs.

Creating a brand with a heart and a purpose, alongside stand-out items designed with both human and dog in mind is our mission.

Our Core Values:

Our core values are derived from the key people who brought this brand to life. They are instilled in everything we do and all of our plans to come.

Community - Being biologically hardwired for connection, the need for a community is within us all. With our customers - humans and dogs alike - being like our extended family, our community is open to all that have found love and belonging in these amazing animals.

Wellbeing - Through the extensive research and scientific analysis from experts in their fields, the world is finally getting to a stage where a true understanding of wellbeing is being made (and explained) for both our own benefits and the benefits of our canine friends. We are now learning ways to easily implement these benefits into our daily lives and when you start to understand that, you can begin to understand just how easy it is for the little things we do and share with our pups to have such a big effect on our mood, lives and wellbeing.

Gratitude - Building a brand with values we can all stand behind gives us the chance to start everyday with a smile and as a team, we are extremely grateful for what we do and for every sale we get. Our customers and their experience with us has always been, and will always be, at the forefront of our minds.

Honesty - In a world where the wool can sometimes be pulled over our eyes, transparency and honesty are the only ways we feel we can easily build trust. Forming long standing, valuable relationships with our customers and their dogs is part of the reason for why we are here. We aim to be as open and honest as possible.