Must-have Dalmatian Accessories for Spotted Dogs

A product round-up for Dalmatian puppies and dogs 🐾

Whenever you think about cute Dalmatian puppies, it’s likely the first thing that comes to mind is Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and the evil Cruella de Vil.

Since the film’s huge success in 1996, the popularity of these dogs has skyrocketed, with more and more owners opting for a spotted dog.

The number of Dalmatians in the UK continues to grow - in 2020, the UK Kennel Club registered 1,126 Dalmatian puppies. 

If you're lucky enough to own a Dalmatian, you’ll already know just how energetic and sociable these special dogs are. 

You’ll also have probably figured out that these dogs need a huge amount of exercise, play and affection to be mentally and physically stimulated.

It’s important to make sure you have all the right toys, treats and dog walking accessories to give your Dalmatian pup the best life you can.

To help you with this, we've put together a guide of Dalmatian accessories to help you find everything your spotty dog needs! 

Dalmatian Accessories:

  1. Puppies
  2. Collars
  3. Training & Walking
  4. Toys
  5. Beds
  6. Food & Treats

Dalmatian Accessories UK Guide by Barc London

1. Dalmatian Puppies 

Raising Dalmatian puppies requires a lot of time and commitment to training. While these lovable Dalmatian pups offer huge amounts of joy and companionship to their owners, they can be quite boisterous and strong-willed, which is why they have a reputation for being naughty dogs!

Because of their stubborn and headstrong nature, many people don’t realise that Dalmatians are highly intelligent dogs. Although training can be a challenge, it’s important for owners to establish rules straight after bringing a puppy home.

Your Dalmatian puppy will need lots of opportunities to release energy, and toys are a great way to keep puppies stimulated, while also helping them learn how to behave correctly.

Dalmatians need all of the normal puppy accessories that young dogs require to be happy, healthy and safe!

You’ll want to get your pup kitted out with a high quality puppy collar, harness and short lead for walk training.

As well as this, you should stock up on chew toys to help with teething, and squeaky toys to keep them entertained. 

💡 Top Tip: Given their high energy levels, if Dalmatian puppies become bored, they are prone to barking and behaviours like destructive chewing. 

Dalmatian Puppy Wearing Grey Collar

Photo: Dalmatian puppy wears Barc London's Ash Grey Dog Collar

2. Dalmatian Collars

Dalmatians are a medium sized dog breed, typically growing up to 58 - 61 cm in height.

These dogs have a slim frame and muscular body, with long arched necks. Because of their strength, when training them not to pull on walks, it’s best to use a harness and lead to prevent injury to their necks.

Once your Dalmatian has mastered Walking 101, you can switch to using a high quality collar, but you should always monitor them closely for any breathing issues, throat or neck strain. 

Regardless of whether you’re using a harness or collar for walks, your dog will need to wear a Dalmatian collar with an ID tag attached.

We recommend choosing a collar that is made from high quality leather, vegan leather or nylon fabric. The collar you choose should be strong and supple, with a high tear resistance and detailed stitching for durability. 

Before buying your dog a collar, it’s important to measure their neck and ensure you purchase the right size for a comfortable fit. 

Light Blue Dalmatian Collar by Barc LondonPhoto: Barc London's Coastal Blue Dog Collar, shop Dalmatian Dog Collars

3. Dalmatian Training & Walking

As mentioned, Dalmatians are highly energetic and active dogs!

They love to run wild and discover new surroundings, making them suited to owners who live active lifestyles near vast open areas like parks, fields and woodlands. 

Because of their strength and determined personality, it can be harder to train Dalmatians to walk properly and stop pulling on lead, so to avoid injury to their trachea, a Dalmatian harness is recommended.  

Longer leads give these dogs the freedom to explore the world around them, but it’s important to think about your Dalmatian’s temperament when deciding which lead is best.  

💡 Top Tip: Dalmatians require 2 hours of exercise a day, so a thirty minute walk around the block won't be enough to tire them out.

Dalmatian Harness by Barc London. Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo: Cece, Minnie and Podge wear Barc London's Harness & Lead Sets

Dalmatian Collar by Barc London

Photo: Dalmatian puppy wears Barc London's Blush Pink dog collar

Marnie the Dalmatian Collar in Green, via Instagram
Photo: Marnie the Dalmatian wears Barc London's Lush Green dog collar

4. Dalmatian Toys 

Toys are the perfect purchase to keep dogs entertained.

Dalmatians require lots of mental stimulation, and their intelligent brains thrive off brain games for dogs like puzzles and snuffle mats. You can also spoil them with squeaky toys which help to channel their focus. 

Dalmatian Toy With Squeaker

Photo: Camilla with Barc London's Whippy Dog Squeaker

Another important thing to remember is that Dalmatians love attention and are highly people-oriented. This means they respond well to interactive play with their owners.

Strong rope dog toys are great for playing fun games of tug of war, helping to channel pent up energy into a positive outlet. 

A great way to let your Dalmatian blow off some steam is through fun games of fetch in the park.

With a tennis ball and dog ball thrower, you can bond with your Dalmatian over fun games of fetch in the park.

While fetch doesn’t come naturally to all dogs, this breed are known to be eager to run and chase, making them suited to fetch dog toys. 

There are so many fun activities for Dalmatians, so be sure to choose Dalmatian accessories and toys that keep playtime versatile and interesting!

Dalmatian Puppy Chewing On Toy

5. Dalmatian Beds

One of the main health issues Dalmatians can suffer from is hip dysplasia, which occurs when the hip joints don’t fit together properly, dislocating the bones from the position they’re meant to sit. 

As a result of being prone to hip dysplasia, Dalmatians also commonly develop conditions like arthritis, which is why one of the best ways you can care for your dog is to find a proper orthopaedic Dalmatian bed. 

Your dog's bed is one of the most important Dalmatian accessories to consider, and orthopaedic beds can help to support joints and distribute weight for a more comfortable night’s sleep!

By reducing pressure on the hips, they also work to reduce stiffness after long exercise sessions.  

6. Dalmatian Food

Providing your Dalmatian with the correct nutrition through a high-quality diet is essential for them to live a healthy life.

Like other dogs, Dalmatians benefit from a diet that’s high in protein, and dog feeding guides with nutrition charts are a great way to find out more about the different nutrients your dog needs. 

For Dalmatians however, it’s hugely important that their diet excludes foods that contain high levels of Purine. This is because Dalmatians are prone to bladder stones, and a high consumption of Purine content can result in Gout and kidney problems. 

Nutriment Support Low Purine & Phosphorus is a great example of a Dalmatian food that supports conditions associated with the heart, kidney and liver.

It has a high nutrition rating of 96% from All About Dog Food, and offers the following benefits: 

  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • Contains at least 30% of meat protein 
  • Hypoallergenic 

💡 Top Tip: It’s always best to speak to your vet and get their recommendations for your dog’s specific needs. 

Dalmatian Food by SolStock from Canva

Best Dalmatian Dog Treats: 

When exploring treats for Dalmatians, it’s important to consider dog safe fruit and vegetables that are also low in Purine.

As a couple of examples, Dalmatian Welfare recommends the following natural foods as some of the best Dalmatian dog treats: 

  • Carrots
  • Apple 
  • Hard Boiled Eggs