Celebrating ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ at Barc London HQ

There’s no hiding the fact that everyone at Barc HQ is a little bit dog obsessed - our own dogs, our customers' dogs, any and all dogs in fact! We just love them, and it’s rare that we don’t have one or two of the dogs in the office.

As a dog brand, we feel it would be weird if they weren’t around. They help us pack orders, test out all of the new products, keep us fit and healthy with extra play sessions and lunch time walks, and just generally fill the office with good energy and lots of laughter. 

Regardless of what’s going on day to day, there’s always at least one person that’s pleased to see you, with the added bonus of not having to experience the heartbreak of leaving them home alone!

For this year's National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, we're sharing more info about this annual pet-friendly holiday, as well as giving you a behind the scenes sneak peek of Barc London HQ: 

Barc London HQ with Roux

Photo: Roux wears Barc London's Lilac Dog Collar

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day


When is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2022?

If you work in a pet friendly office, or you’re able to work from home, then every day is Bring Your Dog To Work Day, and you’ll already be able to advocate just how amazing it is to have them by your side daily. 

But for those of you who don’t, Friday 24th June is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day, a day when thousands of businesses will open their doors to the furry friends of their employees.

If you haven’t already done so, now’s your chance to start that conversation with your boss and see if your team can take part!

Find out more about Bring Your Dog to Work Day: 

Bring Your Dog to Work Day was founded by ethical pet company HOWND, and has been growing in popularity since 2014. 

The event is centred around raising funds for a selection of charities that are dedicated to making a difference in planet and pet welfare. 

How can I get involved?

If you're working from home, or your boss has said yes to National Take Your Dog to Work Day, there are lots of fun ways to get involved:

🤳 Make sure you grab a selfie at the office and post it to Instagram, tagging #BringYourDogToWorkDay so you can share in the fun with everyone else. 

🎗️ Show your support by making a donation to one of HOWND's charities:

💡 Top Tip: Tuesday 21st June was National Selfie Day, where we shared our Insta-worthy ideas for taking the perfect dog selfie.  

We look forward to seeing how your day goes on Friday, we're pretty confident it will be a pawsome day! 🐾

Pets in the Workplace


Am I allowed to bring my dog to work in the UK?

There are no general laws within the UK that restrict employees from bringing pets to work. However, Contract Law also states that employers are under no obligation to allow dogs in the workplace, so it will be completely at their discretion. 

Even though it's becoming more and more popular for companies to allow dogs in the workplace (with many businesses realising the many benefits they can have on employee morale) there are still a lot of workspaces where dogs aren’t allowed.

This could be due to health and safety regulations (for example, food related industries, hospitals, construction sites or factory work) or simply because your employer, dare we say it, doesn’t like dogs!

They also have to keep in mind the comfort and safety of all staff members, knowing that some may suffer with allergies and therefore a dog friendly office might not be the best option.

It can be hard to balance having a dog and working, but if you are lucky enough to be able to take your dog into work with you, it's important to make sure you have the necessary essentials ready to help them settle in:

  • A cosy bed or blanket that smells of home
  • Their favourite toys (but maybe avoid the squeaky ones!)
  • A bowl for fresh water
  • Lots of tasty treats (you could take a Kong stuffed with their favourite filling too if that helps them settle)
  • Their collar, with ID tag attached, and a dog lead for when you pop out at lunch
  • Oh, and don’t forget the poo bags!

The pros and cons of a dog friendly office: 

We find our dogs help boost morale and relieve stress, and there’s scientific proof showing that the simple act of petting a dog can reduce cortisol levels and increase the feel-good hormone, oxytocin.

So, it’s an unspoken rule that you get down on the floor for a cuddle whenever you pass by one of their beds!

✅ Pro: They help to provide comfort and reduce stress
Con: Some employees may suffer from dog allergies
✅ Pro: Great for team building and social interaction
 Con: Barking and bad behaviour could be distracting
✅ Pro: Reduces costs for doggy daycare or sitters
 Con: Potential legal complications for employers
✅ Pro: A great excuse to get outdoors during lunch breaks
 Con: Not all dogs will necessarily get along with each other

    The Barc London dogs

    While we all love our pups, a dog-friendly office does come with it's considerations. Even as an office full of dog owners, we had to think carefully about how we integrated new dogs into the HQ.


    In the early days, it was always Archie (our founding Frenchie and the reason our brand was created), filling the office with his snorts, and tapping you on the foot when it was your turn for a cuddle.


    But then Roux came along, and we started to realise that a pet friendly office does come with challenges. Just like humans, not all dogs will get along.

    Luckily for us, Roux and Arch became the best of friends, but we were aware that as the team grew, it might not always be that easy. 


    When Jenny joined us, her first dog Minnie - an ex racing Greyhound, was an equally seamless addition - some days you’d forget she was even there and then stumble across her in the middle of the floor - but when Jasper arrived, things were a little different. 


    If you’ve already read Jenny & Jaspers story, you’ll know that he is a rescue pup from our charity partner Wild At Heart Foundation, and he is a beautiful pup at that. Jasper however, is very anxious, especially around lots of noise and people, so unfortunately, the office was not a happy place for him.

    If you are considering taking your dog to work, it’s important to think about their disposition when deciding whether or not it’s the right decision for them.

    We made an active effort to help Jasper settle with us, but in the end it was better for him that he didn’t come. If your dog is nervous, or reactive, the workplace may not be the best environment for your furry friend, and the last thing you want to do is cause them more stress.


    Last but not least, we have Stan - the newest addition to the team and quite possibly the cheekiest pup you'll meet (he likes to help himself to tennis balls from the picking basket!) 

    Stan was 4 months when he joined us, and already bigger than Roux, so it took a long time to get the two settled together. It was a love hate relationship that has finally blossomed, and seeing the two of them start to play together is very rewarding. 

    Behind the scenes at Barc London HQ

    Barc London HQ

    Dog Friendly Office in Worcester

    Dog Relaxing At Work

    Archie at Barc London HQ

    Behind the Scenes at Barc London HQ

    Barc London Office Features

    Jasper and Jenny at Barc London HQ

    Archie and Roux Cuddling In the Office

    Sammy and Archie Cuddling in the Office

    Minnie the Greyhound

    Happy Pups in a Dog Friendly Office


    Dog Beds In The Barc London HQ

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