An Open Letter of Appreciation on World Gratitude Day

21st September 2022

To the Barc family,

Today is World Gratitude Day, and on this day we wanted to take time to reflect on the many things we are grateful for as a brand. 

Naturally, as we contemplate this - our furry loved ones come up each and every time.

As dogs have evolved to meet human needs and vice versa, the many benefits of canine companionship is something that continues to amaze and motivate us. 

Our small team is made up of like minded individuals who truly value gratitude as a daily practice.

And as a team, we find comfort in this community of people who share the same joy in dogs and recognise the power they hold to change our lives for the better.

Which leads us onto our next focus of gratitude - all of you guys, our Barc London family.

We are grateful for each and every order, every tag, every post, every kind word and piece of feedback you take the time to give us.

Since 2017, the single most important factor in our growth has been has been the loyalty you've shown through good times and bad. 

From taking time out of your busy days to write in, to sharing photos and videos that have enabled us to watch your pups grow up - trust us when we say it puts smiles on our faces and spurs us on to keep doing what we do, while finding ways to do it better. 

Days like this are a great reminder to express and share the gratitude we feel on a daily basis. 

So to celebrate this lovely day, we're giving away a matching lead for every collar purchased as a little thank you from us to you. 

You can enjoy this gift until 23/09, simply use the code GRATEFULFORYOU at checkout. 

Before we sign off - we can't close this letter without a team appreciation shoutout to the wonderful Sammy.

If you've ever been in touch, chances are it's Sammy you've chatted to.

No matter how busy things get at Barc HQ, she goes the extra mile for our customers with a level of friendliness that's unmatched - and for that we are truly grateful. 

All that's left to say is Happy World Gratitude Day and enjoy spending it with the amazing animals that have brought us all together today. 

With love and thanks,

The Barc London team

World Gratitude Day by Barc London

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