The benefits of owning a dog for mind, body and soul

There’s no truer phrase than ‘man’s best friend’ when it comes to dogs. 

Since being domesticated tens of thousands of years ago, dogs and humans have formed a symbiotic relationship and deep, unbreakable bond. 

As well as offering unconditional love, these intelligent and affectionate animals are able to offer a number of physical, emotional and mental health benefits to humans. 

At Barc, we believe strongly in the many benefits of owning a dog. Barc London was founded as a result of the deep connection between founder Alex Fell and his dog Archie. Devastatingly, Archie passed away in April of 2021, but his legacy lives on through Barc London. 

“Archie sparked my heart and mind. He started Barc with me, and he’s sharing it with all of us now.”

- Alex Fell

Centred around love, our brand exists to bring together a community of people who want to find, or have already found this companionship. As we build our Barc family, we look to shape a future where the needs of our dogs are catered to with products that enhance their lives. 

When people talk about getting a dog, they tend to list the different responsibilities that come with being a dog owner. Whilst it’s true that owning a dog is a responsibility which shouldn’t be taken lightly, less people stop to think about the things having a dog will do for them in return. 

In this article, we outline the benefits of owning a dog for mind, body and soul in four overarching categories:

  1. WALK
  2. PLAY
  4. LOVE

'Benefits of Owning A Dog Infographic

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 Over the four weeks of April, we will be delving deeper into these four interconnecting benefits of dog ownership, proving just how wonderfully  rewarding a relationship with a dog can be. 

 Watch this space!  

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What are the benefits of being a dog owner?

Dogs are amazing companion animals, attuned to human emotion and behaviour. For many of us, our dogs have played a key role in helping us get through the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. There are so many benefits of being a dog owner on physical, mental and emotional health, including:



Dog Walking Benefits


Man walking dog happily

Owning a dog has been scientifically proven to offer several benefits to physical health. If you think about it, this makes complete sense. With a dog by your side you are encouraged to be more active and spend more time outdoors than you probably would normally. 

The amount of exercise recommended for dogs is between 30 minutes to 2 hours per day, but it’s not just dogs who require this physical activity - it’s good for us humans too! Our furry friends make for the best motivators when it comes to getting up and out of the house. 

From improved cardiovascular health, to lower cholesterol and weight loss, the physical benefits of dog walking are unparalleled.



Dog Play Benefits


Dog playing with hose happily in field

When we think about playtime, children and pets tend to come to mind. However, play is also extremely important for adults, and often, it's something we don't get enough of. Much of adult life is spent fulfilling responsibilities in the home and work spheres, and the many stresses that accompany adulthood can take a real toll.

It can be easy to get swept up in the seriousness of it all and forget to take time to play. Several studies have shown that the power of playtime is just as important for adults as it is for children, and having a dog is a great excuse to engage! Not only does playing with your dog release endorphins, it also helps to improve brain functionality and stimulate creativity and imagination.





Pampered dog engaging in wellness activitiesWellness is defined as ‘any activities that are designed to help people feel healthier and happier’. Taking time to achieve wellness involves pursuing daily habits to feel your best, and life for your dog should be no different. 

As you engage in things that are good for your dog’s overall wellness, you’ll find yourself doing more of what’s ultimately good for you too. From engaging in self care, to practising mindfulness - we truly believe that activities you share with your dog can have a hugely positive impact on your life. 

A dog can help to get you into better routines that help to ensure you prioritise taking better care of yourself. As we’ve mentioned above, these routings include exercise, time spent outdoors, playtime - but it can also include pampering and grooming, as well as routine health checkups at the doctors and vets. 



Benefits of Dog Love & Companionship


Dog Showing Love The human species craves love, connection and companionship. Neuroscience research suggests that humans are in fact hardwired for this connection. So, when we show dogs affection, we are also helping ourselves feel loved and happy. 

As people and dogs interact with each other, the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin is released in both species. This hormone can help to lower levels of stress and anxiety, providing mutual benefits for you and your dog. 

Many people in the UK live alone, and after a tough couple of years in and out of Coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, loneliness among society has increased. Our furry friends make for great companions, and the benefits of dogs unconditional love are plenty. As well as sticking by our side in sickness and in health, they also play a role in helping us connect to our local communities.


"Everything I know, I learned from dogs."

- Nora Roberts


 We'd love to find out what you enjoy the most about owning a dog!  
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