How to take the perfect dog selfie for National Selfie Day 2022

There’s nothing better than snapping a quick selfie with your furry friend - it’s a guilty pleasure here at Barc HQ, and we’re pretty sure all pet parents have at least one saved to their phone. Ok, we’re pretty sure most have a camera roll full of them!

Not only do we love taking our own dog selfies, we love seeing others too! The cute ones, the silly ones and the all out photo-fails, we’ve all been there, and that’s what makes us love them even more. 

To celebrate National Selfie Day 2022, we'll be sharing our top dog selfie tips and tricks. So, if you’re looking to perfect your selfie game keep reading, or if you're just here to see some adorable #Delfies, scroll down! 

Cute Dog Selfie Wearing Barc London's Blue Dog Collar

 How to take a selfie with your dog 📸

Perfect your pup selfies in 7 simple steps:

1. Exercise your dog first 

If your dog likes to wriggle around, try releasing some of their energy before snapping a selfie. Head out for a stroll or a play their favourite game - a tired dog is a happy dog, and usually a lot more well behaved - so they’ll be a little more settled when the camera comes out.

The same goes for younger dogs, which we all know are bundles of energy! Exercise can help puppies calm down and settle for the camera.

2. Get your pup familiar with the camera 

If your dog is a little camera shy, and would rather look anywhere but the lens (trust us, we’ve all been there!) start by desensitising them to it first to help create a positive association. 

Take your camera out around them regularly, and let them investigate at their own pace. You can reward them with treats and verbal praise whenever they show interest in it, and especially when they look towards the camera!

3. Arm yourself with treats (or their favourite squeaky toy)

Use high reward items to capture your dog's attention and keep them engaged. By holding the toy just beyond the camera, their gaze will be drawn towards the lens as though they’re posing perfectly.

We find that squeaky dog toys work well for this, as you can squeeze them every time you're ready for your dog to say cheese! 

Need a little help? Try out the Woofie or Pooch Selfie. These dog selfie sticks are perfect for keeping your pup's eyes on the prize!

4. Set your camera to burst mode

Let’s face it, most dogs don’t like to stay still for too long unless they’re settled in the sun or snoozing, and if you’re out and about while trying to get a selfie, any distraction will take their focus from the lens. 

By setting your camera to burst mode, multiple photos are taken in succession, so you’ll be able to select your favourite frame - whether that’s the cutest or the goofiest face is up to you! 

5. Find your light

Good lighting is the key to any photo, and naturally, the best source is the sun. If you spot a cute selfie moment indoors, try to make sure you’re always looking towards the direction of the light rather than having it behind you. 

It’s best to avoid using flash incase it startles your pup, and stay away from direct sunlight so you're not both squinting in every shot.

Finding a space with even light, somewhere that’s not too bright or too shaded will be perfect for your pooch selfie session.

6. Get down to their level

If you can’t get your pup to come to you, go to their level instead. A quick selfie while they snooze, or crouching on the floor beside them will do the trick. You might even be able to squeeze in a quick cuddle too if you’re lucky!

7. Most importantly - have fun! 

Laugh with your furry friend and capture all of your special memories, embracing their silliness by mirroring their facial expressions, or smothering their cheek with a kiss. 

Selfies aren't meant to be taken seriously, so make sure you and your pup have fun with it... Happy snapping!

Meet the Barc London Dogs

Barc London's founder, Alex, with Stanley

Photo: Barc London's founder, Alex, and his dog Stanley

Cute Dog Selfie

Photo: Barc London's Sammy Charlton & Roux

Rescue Dog Selfie
Photo: Barc London's Jenny Miller & Rescue Dog Jasper 

A few of our favourite customer dog selfies 🐶

Maltipoo Dog Selfie

Photo: Millie the Maltipoo wearing Barc London's Pink Dog Collar

Maltichon Dog Selfie

Photo: Daisy the Maltichon wearing Barc London's Candyfloss Stripe Collar

Cocker Spaniel Selfie

Photo: Cocker Spaniel wearing Barc London's Ivory Dog Collar

Dachshund Selfie

Photo: Darcey the Dachshund wearing Barc London's Lilac Dog Collar & Lead

Cocker Spaniel Selfie on the Beach

Photo: Dexter the Cocker Spaniel wearing Barc London's Green Dog Collar

Dog Walking Selfie

Photo: Pup Wearing Barc London's Pink Dog Raincoat

Sunset Selfie With Dog

Photo: Dog wearing Barc London's Liquorice Stripe Collar

Cocker Spaniel Dog Selfie

Photo: Chutney the Cocker Spaniel wearing Barc London's Lilac Dog Collar

Labrador Dog Selfie

Photo: Buddy the Labrador wearing Barc London's Blue Dog Collar

Staffie Selfie

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