Barc Stories: Becky Williams and Maisie

If you've followed our startup journey, you'll know it all began with a deeply impactful relationship between a man and his dog.

We're a small brand with big beliefs that these remarkable animals, whose lives seem far too short, can significantly influence and enrich our own. Moments of struggle are made easier with a wagging tail and a wet nose by our side.

You may have read our founder's story — an expansive "About Us" that delves into the heart of Barc London. Last year, we were fortunate to spotlight Fergus Crawley and his life-changing bond with his dog; a bond that guided him out of loneliness and despair.

As we continue our journey, we're blessed to connect with like-minded individuals, many of whom have heartwarming stories of how their dogs have positively impacted their lives. It's challenging to encapsulate these profound relationships in mere words, but they are the narratives that matter most to us.

In recognition of these extraordinary human-canine relationships, we're launching a series of blogs titled "Barc Stories."

To kick things off, we'll introduce you to an incredible individual who left her career to plunge into the dog world. Through embracing the opportunities her dog Maisie opened up, she discovered a new lease on life and meaningful connections.

The first of 'Barc Stories' with Becky Williams and her dog Maisie

My Dog, Mental Health, and Me: Why I Started 'Stay with Maisie' and What I’ve Learned.

Life doesn't always go as planned, but the one constant is that our dogs are always there for us. When I welcomed Maisie into my life two and a half years ago, I hoped that she would be the magic cure for the memories of trauma and mental health challenges I faced. While that was a bit naive, she has undeniably made life more bearable.

I knew I could offer a dog a great life, but what I didn't anticipate was the incredible joy I’d feel knowing that Maisie truly has the best life possible. However, life has its ups and downs, and last year was exceptionally difficult. But through it all, Maisie has been my rock, my motivation, and on one particularly dark day, the reason I chose to keep going.

I took a break from teaching in May to focus on healing and considering my career options. Maisie was used to spending her weekdays at daycare, engaging with her pals and receiving love from Eleanor, the owner of Solihull Dog Lover. Eleanor became a pillar in my life, too, a person I entrusted with my beloved pet and someone who provided emotional support when I needed it the most.

Becky Williams with her dog Maisie, wearing Barc London's Khaki Raincoat

Feeling Maisie's own discontentment when she stopped attending daycare was a wake-up call. I knew something needed to change. A post on my local Facebook page inquiring about dog daycare services was the spark that ignited my next chapter.

I joined Rover, an app for pet services, and started taking one booking at a time. The purpose was not just for Maisie to have a friend for the day, but also for me to connect with fellow dog owners. As my Instagram account, _staywithmaisie, gained traction, I organised social events for pets and their humans. These events have grown into more than just dog playdates; they’ve become supportive gatherings for pet owners who need an empathetic ear or a new friend.

Looking back at how far I’ve come, I feel a deep sense of joy and gratitude. Maisie is thriving, her new favourite word is 'friends,' and I am excited about the future of my business. Maisie, you are my world. You’ve given me more support and love than words can describe. I love you, Maisie, and thank you for loving me back.

- Becky Williams

(Based in Dickens Heath, Solihull)

Instagram: _staywithmaisie

Maisie the cockapoo - Becky's biggest motivation

For those interested in reaching out to Becky for her services, you can find her here

Want a sneak peek of her recent event? Check out this clip

If you've made it this far — thank you from the Barc London team, Becky, and of course, from Maisie too.

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