Barc Stories: Maisy and Kipper

At Barc London, we've always believed that every dog has a story to tell, and every owner shares a unique bond with their furry friend. Our Barc Stories series is a tribute to these extraordinary tales of companionship and adventure. This time, we're excited to share a captivating journey that crosses continents.

In this edition, we delve into Maisy and Kipper's world, exploring the nuances of navigating a major life change with the steadfast loyalty of a dog by your side. From the initial uncertainties of a new environment to finding comfort and joy in London's dog-friendly spaces, Maisy and Kipper’s journey is a testament to the adventurous spirit that dogs bring into our lives. Their story is not just about moving locations; it's about finding a home wherever you are, as long as you have your loyal companion by your side.

Barc Stories. Meet Maisy and Kipper

Embracing New Beginnings: Maisy, Kipper, and Their London Adventure

Last year my fiance and I made the big announcement to family and friends that we would be moving from Philadelphia to London. Every time I broke the news the first question was “What about Kipper?! Will he come with you?”. Kipper is our beloved Dalmatian and best friend. While we lived in Philadelphia Kipper was always by my side, during the week he would come to the office with me and on weekends we could be found walking around the city aimlessly. So every time that question came up, the answer was simple, “We wouldn't go if he couldn't come with us”.

Maisy and Kipper with Barc London

Moving with a dog anywhere is not easy, but moving to a new country is overwhelming to say the least. We knew that if we wanted Kipper to acclimate smoothly we would need to start training for his big flight across the pond. We were willing to do just about anything to make sure Kipper would be comfortable in his new home. We spent countless hours driving Kipper around in the back of my parents car while playing airplane noises off of YouTube. We flew over speed bumps to try and get Kipper used to takeoff, and we slept with a stinky old t-shirt for months so Kipper would have our scent with him on the plane.

Leading up to the flight we kept Kipper awake all day so he would be tired for his journey. And then on the day of our move we kissed Kipper goodbye, shed a few (or maybe more) tears and hopped on our own flight from Philadelphia to Heathrow.

I guess we will never know if all of the “training” for the flight paid off, but when we picked him up he was just as happy as ever. Kipper lept into our arms at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre and hasn’t stopped wagging his tail since.

We have been so happy exploring our new city with Kipper by our side. Within the first few weeks of our arrival Kipper had memorized which pubs and coffee shops keep dog treats at the bar. It has taken some time to settle in but Kipper is certainly feeling like a London dog, running off leash by the river everyday and riding the tube like a pro. Since arriving in London I have found a community of dog lovers on TikTok where I share our experience of moving to the UK, Kipper’s life, and the occasional 'embarrassing American in London' moment. I am so grateful for everyone who follows our journey and has supported us through this move!

Maisy and Kipper's adventures in London

For those interested in following Maisy and Kippers journey, you can find her TikTok here and Instagram here.

If you've made it this far — thank you from the Barc London team, Maisy, and of course, from Kipper too.

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