The Best Waterproof Dog Coats for Wet UK Walkies

Deciding whether or not your pup needs a waterproof dog coat may seem like a difficult decision at first, but the reality is that most dogs don't love wet weather - which is why a comfy waterproof can make all the difference.

As well as preventing your dog's fur from getting completely drenched, these coats can help to keep excess water to a minimum, providing pups with an extra layer of protection from the rain.

When shopping for a waterproof dog coat, one of the most important considerations is choosing the correct size and style. You should also think about the coat features and quality of material used. 

To help you find the best waterproof dog coats in the UK, we’ve created a guide that includes everything you need to know: 

Best Waterproof Jackets (UK)

Photo: Meekonose wears Barc London's Coral Wind & Waterproof Puffer Jacket

Are waterproof coats good for dogs? 

Wearing a waterproof dog coat can help to prevent a dog's fur from becoming completely soaked, reducing the likelihood of them feeling chilly.

The extra layer of protection a waterproof dog coat can provide works to keep dogs dry and warm, increasing their overall enjoyment during walks.

6 Different Types of Dog Coats:

Find out more about the different types of waterproof dog coats available, and the benefits each coat offers: 

1. Dog Raincoats with Hoods

Waterproof coats that come complete with hoods help to keep water out of dogs eyes during rainy walkies.

A dog raincoat with hood can be used by all dogs, but is most useful for long-haired pups and breeds with long facial hair and fringes.

Pink Waterproof Dog Coat With Hood

Photo: Millie Moo wears Barc London's Pink Waterproof Coat

2. Waterproof Dog Coats with Harness Hole 

If you regularly walk your dog with a harness, then the waterproof coat you choose should feature a harness hole.

Without this addition, you won't be able to attach the lead to your dog's harness while they wear the coat.

3. Puppy Coats

Because puppies haven't yet developed their full coats of fur, they can be more vulnerable to cold and wet weather.

Waterproof puppy coats for small dogs are designed to keep younger pups sheltered from cold.

They're an important addition to your puppy's essential accessories.

4. Waterproof Dog Coats with Underbelly Protection

This type of rainproof jacket is particularly useful for smaller breeds and shorter dogs that are closer to the ground.

As well as keeping pups warm, a waterproof dog raincoat with underbelly cover helps them stay clean and covered from muddy splashes!

Dog Wearing Blue Waterproof Coat with Legs

Photo: Pepe wears Barc London's Blue Dog Raincoat with Underbelly and Legs 

5. Dog Raincoats with Legs 

While most waterproof dog coats get fitted around a pup's forelegs, these dog coats provide coverage for their hind legs too.

They provide the most protection from rain, however it’s important to choose a dog coat with legs that is breathable, as they can be more restrictive than other types of coats. 

6. Water & Windproof Dog Coats

These coats are ideal for keeping dogs warm and dry in cold weather.

Primarily designed for autumn and winter, windproof dog coats usually feature padding that is thick enough to provide a shield, but light enough to prevent dogs from overheating during wet walks.

Cream Windproof Dog Jacket

Photo: Bonnie wears Barc London's Windproof Cream Puffer Jacket

The benefits of using a waterproof dog coats: 

While a waterproof dog coat might not be the right solution for all dogs, rainwear is becoming extremely popular in the dog community, with more and more people recognising the benefits this apparel can bring.

There are lots of benefits to opting for a waterproof dog jacket, including: 

1. Keeps dogs healthy: 

When dogs get cold or run down, they are more susceptible to sickness. A coat can help your dog stay warm and protected from illness. 

2. Increases motivation:

While some dogs love snow, others are less excited to step outside during winter. For dogs that feel the cold, a dog coat can help to provide an added layer of warmth and comfort.

3. Protect older dogs and puppies:

Just like us humans, puppies and older dogs are more vulnerable to colder temperatures. A waterproof coat can help these dogs adapt to wet, winter weather. 

4. Reduces shake and splash when home:

After getting very wet, dogs tend to shake themselves to get rid of the excess water. A dog coat can help to reduce the amount of splash post-dog walk, keeping your home clean and dry.

5. Helps dogs stay visible in the dark:

During winter, the evenings tend to get dark early, which means that many people end up walking their dogs in reduced visibility.

Colourful waterproof coats help dogs stay safe and visible, and some even come with reflective patches to help drivers spot you in the dark.

The best waterproof dog coats (UK): 

The best waterproof dog coat for your pup will depend on its breed, size, age and individual needs. Some factors to consider when choosing the best waterproof dog coat in the UK are: 

Material: Is the coat made from a lightweight, breathable material? It shouldn’t be heavy or uncomfortable for your dog to move around in. 

Size: Have you chosen the correct size fit for your pup? Not all coats are right for all dogs, so it’s important to find the right type of waterproof with the desired fit. As an example, dog coats for small dogs should accommodate their shorter legs and bellies closer to the ground!

Quality: A good raincoat is an investment for your dog’s winter walkies. Choosing a coat that has been made to a high quality will ensure durability and longevity. 

Features: What specific features are important to you? If you usually walk your dog with a harness, it’s important to find a waterproof dog coat with harness hole.

Time Of Year: Some coats are better suited to certain times of the year -  waterproof jackets tend to suit the autumn months and April showers. Whereas in winter when the temperatures drop and the UK experiences light snowfall, your dog may need a coat that offers more insulation.

How to measure a dog for a coat

Discover how to measure your dog for their new waterproof coat in four simple steps: 

To take your dog's measurements, you're going to use a soft measuring tape. If you don't have one to hand, you can use a piece of string or ribbon instead, but please note that this may result in less accurate measurements.

Step 1: Measure the Chest

Measure A Dog's Chest for A Coat

The first measurement you'll need for your dog's coat is chest size.

Wrap the soft measuring tape around the widest part of your dog's torso, which is usually just behind their front legs.



Step 2: Measure the Back 

Measure A Dog's Back for a CoatOnce you've measured your dog's chest, you can align the tape to measure your dog's topline.

Start at the lower neck, and run the measuring tape to the base of the tail.



Step 3: Measure the Forelegs

Measure A Dog's Forelegs for Coat

If measuring a dog for a raincoat, then a couple of extra measurements should be taken to ensure the coat legs are the correct length and cuff size. 

Wrap the tape around the foreleg (above the elbow). Then, run the tape from the base of their chest down the inner leg to the elbow. 


Step 4: Compare your Dog's Measurements

Compare A Dog's Measurements To The Size Guide

Once you have followed the three steps above and noted down all of your dog's measurements, you can compare them to the size charts below to find the correct fit.




💡 Top Tip: At Barc we offer small waterproof dog coats and coats for larger breeds. If your dog's measurements fall between sizes, we suggest going up a size.

 Water / Wind Resistant Dog Puffer Jackets
Jacket Size Chest Back
XS 47cm 32.5cm
S 61.5cm 43cm
M 77.5cm 54cm
L 93.5cm 63.5cm
XL 104cm 69cm
Coat Chest Back Arm (len/cuff)
XS 38cm 25cm 10.5/8cm
S 52.5cm 25cm 11.5/9.5cm
M 70cm 44cm 15.5/10cm
L 86.5cm 55cm 17.5/12cm
XL 97cm 59cm 19/12.5cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions asked about waterproof dog coats.

Should a dog wear a coat in the rain?

While not all dogs need to wear a waterproof coat in the rain, there are lots of dogs that can benefit from doing so. In particular, short-haired dogs, puppies and older dogs are able to use a waterproof dog coat as an extra-layer of protection from the rain. These dogs tend to be more prone to feeling the cold, which can make for an uncomfortable walk.

Are dog coats bad for dogs?

No, dog coats are not ‘bad’ for dogs. With that being said, it’s important to recognise your dog’s temperament and get to know their likes and dislikes.

If your dog continues to show prolonged discomfort while wearing a waterproof dog coat, it’s better to let them walk without one.

How do I get my dog used to wearing a raincoat?

The first time your dog wears a raincoat, they might not immediately take to it. This is completely normal, and it’s important to give dogs time to adjust to their new clothing. You can help teach your dog to wear its coat with treats and positive reinforcement.

At what temperature should a dog wear a coat?

According to the Pedigree Foundation, dogs are recommended to wear coats at temperatures lower than 7’C.

However, as mentioned, all dogs are different, and over time you will be able to better judge your dog’s own susceptibility to feeling the cold. 

Can you wash a waterproof dog coat?

Yes, most of the time you should be able to wash your dog’s waterproof coat to keep it clean and help it last longer. At Barc, we recommend wiping your dog coat clean and machine washing it on a cool setting before air drying it.

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