Merry Christmas from Founder & CEO Alex Fell

To the Barc family,

Another interesting year is coming to an end, and with all the ups and downs of these slightly uncertain times it’s safe to say we are as ever grateful for the uncomplicated and unconditional love we receive from our four legged friends.

A heartfelt thank you

As always, we really wouldn't be anywhere without you guys, so I just want to take a moment to give a heartfelt thank you to each and every single one of you who continue to support us and continue to send lovely messages, feedback and pictures of your furry best friends which is just our favourite.

We are on a mission to build the very best lifestyle brand for us and our four legged friends to enjoy and your feedback is an invaluable part of that journey, we continue to refine and alter our core products based on your user experience.

So along with supporting and enjoying Barc London, if ever you feel there is an area you want to see us grow into or something you wish was different just let us know and you may just see your wishes come true.

I also want to thank the team for yet again navigating another tricky year and keeping our high standards of customer service at the forefront of their minds.

So again from me to everyone involved in our growing journey, thank you.

Reflections on the year gone by

Starting the year off locked away from our normal was always going to be tricky and not the start any of us wanted, although we can probably all agree our pets were happier. Going from that to some form of normal was the biggest sigh of relief, but maybe short lived as in current moments it looks like we are not out of the thick of it yet. So while we try to survive this rollercoaster journey, for me it's constantly highlighting what's really important, which is the smaller simpler things in life.

Seeing familiar and loved one’s faces, the fresh air we all get when we let trouble out to the toilet or start our day with a daily walk, being able to go into our habitual coffee shop and take a sip of our favourite hot drink and those quiet moments when zoomies have stopped and we are all safe cuddled up on the sofa.

My 2021 included a new puppy who arrived 4 months after Archie (our logo) passed away, and the arrival of a healthy newborn son, so you can imagine those quiet moments I mention above are extremely rare!

Achievements we’re proud of

There was plenty of upsides to our year; we branched out into dog grooming using cruelty free vegan formulas which fit of values and ethos perfectly; we finally managed to restock our popular tennis balls adding a few additions too; launching our Rainwear which has quickly become a best seller and recently launching our new site which has the user experience at the heart of every change, making it as quick and easy to purchase your Barc London products.

We started to look at in-store UK options for Barc London too, managing to secure ourselves online with a very recognisable team favourite store: Harvey Nichols! This has to be one of the highlights and biggest wins of 2021, quickly followed by an appearance in Manchester's Deansgate Square Harvey Nichols pop-up store.

What 2022 has in store

Our plans for 2022 are our biggest ever. We plan on entering more well known UK stores. Starting to look at events where we would like a presence and opportunity to meet our community face to face, but most importantly we plan on expanding our ranges filling the gaps in our product portfolio.

We are making a focus on expanding our wear range and have plans to bring out more puffers, parkers and easy fit jackets. We are looking at bringing a home range to market including beds and bowls so you and your furry loved ones can enjoy Barc London in the home too.

Again thank you all for supporting us this far, we feel this is just the beginning and can not wait to share another potentially uncertain but exciting year with you, have an amazing Christmas period and New Year.

Kind regards,

Alexander Fell and the Barc team. 

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