A HUGE thank you from the team

Hello Barc Family,

With the launch of our new website, we want to start by saying a massive thank you to every one of you that has supported us on our journey so far. The growth that we have had within this past year would not have been possible without all of your loyal love and support; for that we say THANK YOU!


As many of you may know, back in August 2018 we ran our first ever Kickstarter campaign. Because of that we are now finally able to bring to you brand new products to add to your Barc collection, including the introduction of the highly sought-after harness! Within the Signature Stripe collection are three colourways: Liquorice Stripe, Champagne Stripe and Candyfloss Stripe - each providing a unique yet minimal style to every dog walk. This range has also allowed us to increase our size range, meaning that we are now able to cater for an even larger range of your four legged friends. Being able to provide for all dogs, no matter what size, has always been an important value to us as a brand and due to your consistent support, we are now able to do this.


Our Signature Stripe Range brings you the same luxe quality and stripped back vibes from our classic Core Collection

providing a more durable take on our original leather range. Each piece is made from a sturdy nylon webbing and features modern silver hardware, making them perfect for fashionable fun. As dog owners and lovers, we can relate to the need for functionality as well as style within your dog’s products, therefore we strive to bring you the best products that we possibly can. That is why our new collection is also fully machine washable - allowing for the unruly behaviour of your Barc dogs, but never compensating on style.

As Barc has continued to expand and gain momentum as a brand, we have been able to negotiate larger purchase orders from our manufacturers. In turn, this has enabled us to become more flexible with our prices, as well as maintaining our position as the most stylish and brand aware pet apparel line available. At Barc, we understand the unconditional love and friendship between dogs and their owners, but also their unpredictable nature. That’s why we have priced our products accordingly - recognising their uncontrollable personalities and working with that to set our prices as appropriately as we can. Our Signature Stripe Range is produced with the exact same quality that you know and love from Barc, but now at a reworked price - allowing us to become even more accessible to those who love, and will love, our ranges. We aim to provide you with the most luxurious products at the most affordable price possible and that is something we will continue to work on. We have taken into account sizing variations and have created a tiered pricing system, with prices ranging from £25 or £30 for leather items and £15 - £24 for all fabric items, depending on the size you purchase.

CoastalBlue @king_louie_the_french

Your feedback is highly important to us and we are always eager to hear your thoughts.

As a team we want you to know that we take everything you say on board, with the aim of addressing anything as quickly as possible. Once again we want to thank everyone of you for all your purchases, posts, comments and shares and want to encourage you to keep them coming! After all, we wouldn't be the brand we are today without your support!


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All our love and thanks,

The BARC team.

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