7 Inspiring Ways to Show Compassion and Kindness to Animals

Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day filled with celebrating and encouraging random acts of kindness to others. 

Falling on February 17th, it may not be a holiday you’ve heard of before, but it is definitely one that we can all get involved in. 

Paying forward at a drive through or coffee shop, leaving a nice note for someone who needs it, donating to a food bank, or just making the extra effort to smile at everyone you walk past, all ways that we can spread a little kindness, whether on this day, or all year round.

But why does it have to stop with people? We’ve come up with a few ways that you can show kindness to animals this year.

Why do we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Founded in Denver Colorado in 1995, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is a non-profit organisation that focuses on one thing: making kindness the norm.

The movement began after a reporter quoted that people should stop reporting on “random acts of violence” and start ‘practicing random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty’.

It is a day all about making the world a better place, celebrating kindness to others in a hope of making it part of our everyday lives. 

How can we show kindness towards animals?

You may find it easy to show kindness to your own pets, but why not branch out and try to help other animals and wildlife.

We’ve come up with a few ideas that you can do on Random Acts of Kindness Day and beyond;

  1. Volunteer to walk a dog:

    Have you got a friend or family member who sometimes struggles to find the time to walk their pooch everyday? Or a local dog shelter that needs dog-walkers? 

    This can be just as enjoyable for you to get out into the fresh air and bond with some new furry friends, as well as really helping out those who need it. 

  2. Homemade treats:

    Treat your pup to some lovely homemade goodies. There are some super easy recipes out there, so even if you’re not Mary Berry you can still get involved!

    We love this super simple dog biscuit recipe from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and we’re sure your dog will too.

  3. Switch to cruelty free products:

    Each year, so many animals around the world suffer and die due to cosmetics testing. Making an effort to spend your money on cruelty free brands and products is just a small act of kindness you can do which will contribute to the welfare of so many animals. 

    Aesop and Glossier are some of our favourite cruelty free brands to treat ourselves. Plus, our very own grooming range is cruelty free for you to pamper your pup as well.

  4. Foster/adopt:

    Abused, neglected or abandoned animals are filling up rescue shelters, so choosing to bring a new pet into your home could be saving a life. 

    Offering an animal from a shelter a loving forever home is the ultimate act of kindness, as well as such a rewarding experience for you and your family. 

    There are a whole range of different animals out there looking for love, from little hamsters, to farm animals, to exotics. So just take a trip to your local animal shelter and see who you fall in love with.

    If adoption is too much of a commitment for you, fostering an animal can help shelters in so many ways: offering up space for another animal in need; helping socialise them before they are able to be adopted; allowing you to analyse their characteristics to help in matching them with the perfect forever home. 

  5. Sponsor an animal:

    If you aren’t currently in a position to offer your home up for a new pet, why not sponsor one? It could be a cute little puppy or kitten, maybe a donkey, or even a polar bear! 

    Most of the time this will involve you paying a small monthly amount to the charity or organisation going towards their mission, and in return you will receive photos and news of your animal.

  6. Help local wildlife:

    Even if you haven’t got your own animals, there are always ways to show kindness to the local wildlife.

    Install an insect hotel, put up a bird feeder or a bird bath or create a little hedgehog house in your own garden and see what little critters you can attract. 

    Doing a litter pick at your local park or nature reserve is another great way to get involved. 

  7. Fundraise for your favourite cause:

    Whether it's a 5K muddy run with the pups in tow, hiking a couple of mountains, or maybe a bake sale for those of you who aren’t the outdoorsy type, there are so many ways that you can raise some money for a cause that you find close to your heart. 

    We've created a range of products in support of the Wild At Heart Foundation. For every item purchased we will donate 60% of the profits to the foundation, so you can look good while doing good and giving back to an amazing charity.


We hope you can take all of these ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day and beyond, making kindness the norm!

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