Natural dog supplements

A guide to probiotics and supplements for your dog

Dog Nutrition: What are natural dog supplements? 

As a proud dog owner, you’ll want to do everything possible to protect your dog from uncomfortable aches and ailments and keep them happy and healthy for longer. One way to add a health boost to their usual, nutrient-packed diet is to introduce some natural dog supplements into the mix.


What issues can dog supplements help with? 

In the right dosage, a variety of dog nutrition supplements can form a shield of superpowers for your canine companion, improving their overall health in cleverly targeted ways. Whether your dog suffers from any of the following issues, or you just want to get in early with a preventative measure, there’s probably a dog nutrition supplement that’s right for you.


Stiff and aching joints

Some dog breeds are prone to osteoarthritis, such as labradors and German shepherds - though sadly, most dogs will likely suffer from stiff or sore joints as they age. When a dog’s joints are wearing down, they might seem slower on their feet, struggle to get up and climb stairs, or just seem generally out of sorts compared to their usual energetic self. 

In these instances, a glucosamine supplement for dogs can do a world of good. To put it simply, glucosamine forms the building blocks of cartilage; the strong, shock-absorbing substance that cushions two bones at the joint. Dogs’ bodies create glucosamine naturally but produce less as they age, causing that protective cartilage to erode - so a glucosamine-enriched diet gives your dogs joints the extra protection they need to stay mobile, comfy and pain-free. 

Naturally derived glucosamine is better absorbed into your dog’s body - just feed it to them directly or crumble it into their food as per the guidelines on the pack.

Natural dog supplements to help keep joints healthy

Digestive issues and sensitive stomach

Though some pooches have guts of steel, there are plenty of dogs with a more sensitive stomach, for which a regular diet full of rich meat and treats could trigger a reaction. To keep unwanted bouts of gas, bloating, vomiting or diarrhoea to an absolute minimum in your dog, a probiotic-packed diet is the way to go. 

A dog’s gut microbiome tends to be a sensitive environment, holding a delicate balance of ‘bad’ and ‘friendly’ bacteria. Essentially, probiotics contribute to the good bacteria that promote easy digestion, super-strong immunity, overall physical health and even a calm, easy-going mood in your dog. 

There are plenty of ways to feed probiotics to your dog, from feeding them natural live yoghurt to probiotic dog treats, to an all-rounder supplement that you can crumble into their food.


Skin and coat issues 

Just like for humans, feeling itchy and uncomfortable in your skin is no fun for dogs, but many breeds (such as poodles) are prone to skin and coat issues.

To improve skin and coat condition, ease the symptoms of itchiness, soreness and rashes and give a boost to your dog’s energy, heart health, brain power and mobility, salmon oil is the itchy dog supplement for you. 

Salmon oil is packed full of the omega-rich fatty acids deemed essential for a dog’s physical and mental development, and can be easily drizzled into their food each day - plus the strong fishy flavour means they love the taste.


A lot of dogs are anxious creatures, easily spooked by a popped champagne bottle, a delivery man or a suddenly opened umbrella. For dogs that are on edge more often than most, dog anxiety supplements can go someway to easing their stress. 

Nutrition is intrinsically linked to the gut-brain axis, and as anxiety is such a physical condition, the right ingredients can have surprisingly calming effects. An effective natural calming supplement for dogs could contain natural soothers such as hemp, CBD oil, valerian root and turkey, which is rich in L-tryptophan (an amino acid that helps boost serotonin). 

Also, foods packed with specific probiotics can promote harmony in the gut, and in turn, contribute to overall calm and clarity in your dog’s mind, too. 

Probiotics for dogs

To explore all the ways natural supplements for dogs can boost your pooch’s health, body and mind, check out Pooch & Mutt’s range of natural dog supplements. Remember to check the dosage recommendations for your particular dog’s breed, and always ask a vet before making a significant dietary change. 

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