A buyer's guide to Barc London's squeaky dog toys

Here at Barc, we know how much entertainment squeaky dog toys can bring, and we love making our precious pups happy! From providing mental stimulation, to promoting dental health, the benefits of these toys are endless. 

For this reason, we continue to add more and more toys of this kind to our collection. Ultimately, we love what our dogs love, and what's good for them too! 

We couldn't be prouder of our Play range as it continues to grow. But with more toys to choose from, making the right purchase for your pup can become more difficult.

We wanted to take the time to tell you more about our range of squeaky dog toys, and answer your burning questions when it comes to these fun additions to playtime!  

A guide to squeaky toys:

What is a squeaky dog toy?
Why do dogs like squeaky toys so much?
Do squeaky dog toys stimulate dogs?
What are the benefits of squeaky dog toys?
Can squeaky dog toys be bad for dogs?
Are squeaky dog toys safe?
Why does my dog cry using its squeaky toy?
What are the different types of dog toys?
Barc London's squeaky dog toys
How to clean your squeaky dog toys:
What are the best squeaky dog toys in the UK?


    What is a squeaky dog toy?

    A squeaky dog toy is a type of playtime toy specifically designed for dogs. These toys are fitted with a small insert which enables the toy to make a high-pitched sound when chewed. As air flows through the toy, the squeak is released. Once the toy has stopped being squeezed, it re-inflates and returns to its usual shape. 

    What is a squeaky dog toy 

    Why do dogs like squeaky dog toys so much?

    If there’s one thing most dogs seem to have in common, it’s how much they enjoy playing with squeakers. In fact, there are lots of reasons why dogs like to play with these squeaky toys so much. The most popular explanation behind this phenomenon is that these toys fulfil a dog’s prey drive instinct. 

    ‘Prey Drive’ is the theory that dogs have a natural inclination to search, hunt and capture their prey. After all, our furry friends have descended from wolves, and these squeaky dog toys are believed to satisfy our pups' desire to chase and kill prey. The high-pitched squeaking can be seen to mimic sounds that would be made by small animals that dogs would hunt.


    Why do dogs enjoy squeaky toys

    Do squeaky dog toys stimulate dogs?

    Yes, squeaky dog toys seem to stimulate the natural predatory instincts that dogs have. If you've ever watched your dog play and interact with these types of toys, you'll notice just how satisfying they can be, and how your dog never tires of playing with them! 

    Just like us humans, dogs have a part of the brain that is stimulated by dopamine, a ‘pleasure centre’ that helps them to feel happiness. Toys that make auditory sounds like squeaks can help to release feel-good chemicals and lift a dog's overall mood. 


    What are the benefits of squeaky dog toys?

    If you’re a new dog owner, or you’ve not given your pup a squeaky dog toy to play with before, you’ll soon find out that these dog toys provide huge gratification! There are many benefits to letting your dogs play with squeaky dog toys, including: 

    • Improved dental health: One way to make cleaning teeth enjoyable for your dog is to let it chew on a squeaky toy. These toys do a good job of helping pups’ teeth stay clean and healthy by preventing a buildup of plaque and tartar from occurring. 
    • Mental stimulation: Dogs thoroughly enjoy playing with these toys, and chewing down on them requires a lot of focus and attention. They help to exercise your dog’s brain power whilst releasing feel-good chemicals too. 
    • Good for dog training: Squeaky dog toys can be used to effectively train your dog. By utilising these toys as rewards, your dog will soon pick up the behaviour expected of it. What’s more, squeaky toys help to prevent destructive chewing on things like shoes and household furniture!
    • Aids puppy teething: Quality rubber squeaky toys can help to ease the pain puppies experience when they are teething. You can even provide your puppy with extra comfort by putting the toy in the freezer before giving it to your new dog to soothe its gums. 
    • Physical exercise: Dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes - 2 hours of exercise per day. Squeaky tennis balls can help dogs to get the most out of playtime, as they run wild in chase and the hope of chew!


    Can squeaky dog toys be bad for dogs?

    Generally speaking - no, these toys are not bad for dogs.

    Remember, all dogs are different, which is why finding the right one for your pup is important. Some dogs that tend to be more aggressive may find that these toys increase destructive behaviour, so you should always monitor your dog while it plays to see how it reacts to a new toy. 

    Are squeaky dog toys safe?

    Yes, these toys are safe for dogs provided they are used responsibly. Whenever you buy a new toy, you should check to ensure that it has been specifically designed with dogs in mind, and made with materials which are safe and non-toxic. 

    It’s vital to remember that any dog toy can become a potential choking hazard over time. Watch out for marketing techniques that advertise 'indestructible squeaky dog toys'. Remember, no toy is completely indestructible, and you should always check the toy for damage before and after it has been used. 


    Why does my dog cry using its squeaky dog toy?

    If you find that your dog tends to cry or whine when using a squeaky toy, don’t worry! This is not an unusual reaction, and it is one that is thought to be linked to dogs’ natural instincts in relation to prey drive. 

    It could be your dog’s way of showing excitement, or perhaps it is exhibiting guarding behaviour in an attempt to show ownership. Or maybe, your dog cries or whines as a way to get your attention and encourage you to come to engage in playtime. 


    What are the different types of dog toys?

    Squeaky dog toys are just one type of dog toy that can be used during playtime. There are lots of different types of toys, and some will be more suited to certain breeds and age groups than others. The main types of toys include: 

    • Balls 
    • Tug of war toys 
    • Stuffed toys 
    • Reward toys 
    • Suction toys


    Barc London's squeaky dog toys

    Many of the toys in our Play collection fall under the category of squeaky dog toys. We love how much enjoyment dogs are able to get out of these types of toys, and believe there is huge versatility and scope within this range.

    Our collection of designer dog toys includes: 

    Squeaky Tennis Balls

    Our squeaky tennis balls are the perfect option for dog owners who want to engage in games of fetch. Ideal for dogs that like to run like the wind in chase of the ball.

    We have designed these dog balls from an extremely high quality felt, which means they are durable and safe for dog’s teeth. Each ball has been designed to fly far and bounce high, as well as make a loud squeak when your pup finally captures it.

    We’ve even created a dog ball thrower to help your squeaky tennis ball go the distance!

    “Excellent balls - super lightweight balls with an added surprise of a squeaker. My dog loves them!” - Angela

    Barc London's Squeaky Tennis Balls

    Squeaky Dog Bones

    The latest addition to our Play range includes squeaky dog bones in a variety of fun colours and patterns. These toys may look pretty, but they have been crafted from a highly durable canvas that helps with strength and durability.

    We know that dogs love bones, in fact - dogs’ skulls have adapted over time to provide them with strong jaws and teeth for this very reason. The shape of a bone is natural for dogs, which is why we’ve created a similar design that is easy for dogs to carry and squeak.

    Barc London's Squeaky Dog Bones

    Squeaky Toys 

    Our squeaky toys are made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which is a synthetic material that is used to create dog toys of the highest quality.

    Not only are they extremely safe for dogs, they are also water-resistant and flexible, the perfect combination for playtime fun! Available in five different shapes, sizes and colours - these toys are a Barc favourite. 

    “What an amazing product - I bought the blue skull toy, it was such a fab gift for the little doggo on Halloween. The product quality is first class, very durable, great aesthetic and the dog loves it!” - Joel

    “I bought this toy because I liked the look of it but it's turned out to be my puppy's favourite. It's got a really loud squeak which is still going strong despite his chewing. The squeakers in many of his cheaper toys haven't lasted as well. The shape gives it a good irregular bounce too so he loves it." - Ariana

     Barc London's Squeaky Dog Toys

    When browsing through our collection of dog squeaky toys, you'll notice that we've included important safety and sizing advice under each product. Before making a purchase for your pup, be sure to: 

    1. Read the safety advice carefully 
    2. Check the size of the toy is appropriate

    How to clean your squeaky dog toys:

    To preserve your toys, it’s important to carefully check over them after use to ensure that they have not started to wear down or break. You should also clean your squeaky dog toy before putting it away. We recommend using warm water and soap to gently hand-wash the toys. 

    If you need to get rid of a lot of mud and grime, you can use a sponge to carefully scrub away extra dirt. After that, use a towel to pat or air-dry it. 

    What are the best squeaky dog toys in the UK?

    As we’ve already mentioned, squeaky dog toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different kinds of play. The best squeaky dog toy for your pup will depend on its breed, age and temperament. In the UK, there are lots of squeaky toys to choose from. 

    When shopping around for a new squeaky toy, be sure to take the following factors into consideration: 

    • What are my dog’s chewing behaviours?
    • Am I buying from a reputable seller? 
    • What are the materials used and are they non-toxic for dogs?
    • Can I find previous customer reviews? 
    • Is this toy right for my dog’s age and size?

    By asking yourself these questions, you will help to ensure you’re buying the best squeaky dog toy for your pup’s needs. 

    Here at Barc, our 5 best-selling squeaky dog toys are: 

    1. Squeaky Tennis Balls
    2. Balloon Squeaky Dog Toy 
    3. Gummy Squeaky Dog Toy 
    4. Pineapple Squeaky Dog Toy 
    5. Squeaky Dog Toy Box Set